Ramiz Raja threatens to stage a protest with the ICC after fans clash in the stands


PCB Chairman, Ramiz Raja, took a strong stand against the conflict that broke out in the stadium between fans.

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan in a thrilling last-over contest in the super four group stage of the Asia Cup in 2022. The Pakistani bowlers shattered the Afghani lineup and managed to restrict them to 129. It looked like an easy chase, but Nabi and Co. didn’t let it be. They got the green army skipper for a golden duck. They kept taking wickets in the middle and didn’t allow the batters to settle down. Shadab Khan made some crucial runs but was bowled out by Rashid Khan. Pakistan were 9 down, needing 11 off the last over. Number 11 batter, Nassem Shah, took the strike. Farooqi was in charge of the final 6 deliveries. But, he missed his yorkers and fed Naseem juicy full tosses. The tail-ender smacked the full tosses into the stands and won the game for the team.

A scuffle breaks out between fans in the stands

After dominating for most of the chase, it was indeed a heartbreaking loss for Afghanistan. The players on the field were shattered and visibly emotional. However, things got ugly in the stands. Afghanistan and Pakistan fans were seen having a brawl in a section of the Sharjah Cricket stadium. A video is being circulated on social media wherein Afghan fans are seen vandalizing the stadium properties. They even threw chairs at the Pakistani fans present at the stand. Furthermore, a fight allegedly broke out outside the stadium between fans from both sides, and the state police reportedly detained a few accused.

Ramiz Raja to submit a complaint to the ICC

PCB chairman and former cricketer, Ramiz Raja, was addressing a press conference wherein he said that he would write a formal complaint about the incident to the ICC. He termed the fan’s act “hooliganism.” He said,

“You don’t identify hooliganism with cricket. You don’t want such things happening in cricket. We will draft a letter to ICC, we will raise our voice against this. We will do whatever we can. Because the visuals were really bad and this isn’t the first time it has happened”

He advised fans to keep their emotions in check if they want to see their country grow as a cricket-playing nation.

“Win or loss is a part of the game. It was a grueling contest, it was a great match. But you need to keep your emotions in check because if you can’t do that, you can’t grow as a cricket-playing nation. So, we will write a letter (to ICC), and we will show our concern.”

He further alleged that the Pakistan team was in danger and could have faced wrath. He added,

“They are our fans. Anything could have happened. Our cricket team could have been in danger. We will lodge our protest while following all protocols”

During the chase, Pakistan’s Asif Ali clashed with Fareed Ahmad. After dismissing Asif, Fareed seemed to have given him a send-off, which angered the finisher, who later retaliated. They were later separated by the umpires.

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