Real Madrid ready to offer Eden Hazard for Reece James in a swap deal with Chelsea

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According to El Nacional, Real Madrid are ready to make a player plus cash deal with Chelsea by offering Hazard for James. Real Madrid are not willing to offer Chelsea’s asking price of €60 million for Reece James and wants to reduce the price by including Eden Hazard in the deal. It looks like this will be the last year for Eden Hazard at Real Madrid as his move to Los Blancos did turn out to be as expected.

Eden Hazard has scored just 5 goals and assisted 9 in 57 appearances at Real Madrid. He was one of the best players in the world at Chelsea and made a big move to the Spanish Giants for a fee of €100 million. However, the move did not pan out as everyone thought and has also suffered many injuries. He was one of the best playmakers at Chelsea alongside Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Consequently, Real Madrid now thinks of offloading the Belgian star and get some cash in return. Madrid want to strengthen their right side and bring in some competition and backup for Dani Carvajal. Subsequently, Reece James as emerged as a top target in that position for Real Madrid.

However, James has a price tag of €60 million which is more than Madrid are willing to offer. Even the biggest clubs are affected financially due to coronavirus. Real Madrid, therefore, wants to reduce the price to some extent by offering Hazard for James in return. The only obstacle is that Roman Abramovich wants to keep a hold of Reece James and does not want to reunite with Eden Hazard.

Why Chelsea is reluctant for swap deal of Hazard and James with Real Madrid?

Reece James is one of the best right-backs in the world at the moment. It will be very tough to replace a player like him who is in good form. Whereas Eden Hazard has had a great decline in the span of just two years mostly because of injuries. He has the same amount of injuries since leaving Chelsea as the number of goals and assists he has for Real Madrid (14).

It will not be good business for the Blues if they go ahead with the swap deal. Hazard is now aged 30 and does not have many years to offer. On the other hand, James is just 22-year-old and still has a lot to learn and offer. Chelsea’s affection for Hazard is understandable but the deal will not be ideal for them.

Moreover, Chelsea is stacked in the attacking department and even Hazard will find it hard to break into the starting lineup. Moreover, he might also struggle with Chelsea’s press as he is highly injury-prone now. In addition, he will cost more wages and have very little to offer for that.

Chelsea does not have a proper replacement for Reece James and is highly unlikely to go forward with the swap deal. Clubs like Newcastle and West Ham are interested in signing the Belgian international. However, Hazard may or may not opt to go forward with these moves because the clubs do not have great stature as Chelsea or Real Madrid.

However, a loan for the Belgian can be a good choice for the 30-year-old. He can get a fresh mind and may even revive his career at Real Madrid after the loan spell. A few good performances at Madrid can help him get his confidence back.

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