Rice would happily join Manchester United instead of Arsenal – Dean Jones

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Dean Jones claims that West Ham star Declan Rice would happily join Manchester United instead of Arsenal in this transfer window.

Speaking on the Deal Done Show, journalist was discussing all the drama surrounding Rice right now. Couple of months ago, Jones claimed that that the English midfielder would happily join Manchester United.

Rice loves Manchester United and Jones states that you can’t rule Red Devils out of the race. Manager Eric Ten Hag will look bolster their squad ahead of the new season.

Jones shares what he had been informed about the Rice:-

“Bayern Munich are not an option, there hasn’t been that lure to play there. He doesn’t really fancy it at this stage I’m told. It will be interested if Man United were to get involved too. It’s a lot of money, but they need a midfielder. Can they risk falling further behind Man City?

“Declan Rice, this was a couple of months ago now, but I spoke to one of his friends who said ‘he loves Man United, he loves the idea of everything Man United stand for.’ If it does open up I would never rule out Man United.”

Acquiring Rice this summer will be a huge statement for United’s new owners to make.

With United on the verge being sold, the new owners will spend huge this summer. And, Red Devils might beat both Arsenal and Manchester City to Rice would be huge statement of intent.

Therefore, you can’t rule out United out of this race.

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