Rio Ferdinand was shocked after what he was told about Newcastle United man Kieran Trippier

Legendary defender Rio Ferdinand was stunned after what he heard about Newcastle United man Kieran Trippier. Ferdinand was in a debate with Joel Baya over Trippier. The two were having debate whether the Toons man is better than prime Gary Neville or not. The debate was an outcome of the recent performance by the Englishman in a 4-1 win over Chelsea last weekend. Trippier was flawless during a substantial part of the game in both, attack and defense as the Magpies hammered their rivals.

Rio Ferdinand said to Baya in response to him saying he is better than Neville that.

“He’s a better ‘footballer’, he’s not had a better career.

When you’re comparing players, Gary Neville going forward wasn’t having the impact and numbers that someone like Trip is, but the game is allowing that now.”

When Baya says that Trippier is better defensively than Gary, Ferdinand completely lost it.

“Get yourself out of here right now… anyone got any water? Go get some water for this guy.

I never ever ever once worried where Gary Neville was. If the ball’s over there, the biggest problem I’ve got is what’s going to be over my shoulder.

I had the most comfortable moments in my career… because I had Gary Neville.”

The view of Ferdinand might be a fact. The game is now more advance with wingers getting double-marked and full-backs have more impetus to go ahead of the field. Obviously this debate can rage forward but it has no real way for settlement. However, Trippier is currently shining for his club and can become a legendary player if he continues to deliver like this at the biggest stage for few more years.

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