Roman Abramovich had an outrageous party in 2011 but is now sanctioned by the UK Government

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According to Daily Mail, Chelsea’s billionaire owner Roman Abramovich had hosted a New Year’s party in 2011. That party cost him £5 million that took place at a 70-acre Caribbean estate. The party had over 400 guests and a live performance by the legendary band Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Many high-profile celebrities along with their very younger partners were seen at the event.

However, the Russian billionaire has now faced fresh sanctions by the United Kingdom government. He has had his assets forced and the ministers have charged him for having ‘clear connections’ with Vladimir Putin. The Russian President announced the invasion of Ukraine which has caused a lot of chaos and consequences all around the world.

The footballing world has also reacted to the invasion. Many countries have denied playing against Russia and have declined the Russian clubs to play in some tournaments. However, the biggest story in this chaos is of Roman Abramovich. The Chelsea owner was the backbone of the Blues’ success in the past two decades.

The UK government has not liked the fact that he had some connections with Putin. Therefore, they have come to the conclusion of freezing his assets and allowing Chelsea to do business with strong restrictions. The Russian billionaire must be wishing that he could have some good days back when he was enjoying his big party in 2011.

What next for Chelsea when Roman Abramovich leaves the club?

Chelsea have to continue their search for a new owner. The Blues have to sustain the club for a long time even after such setbacks. They will need a proper owner who is able to fund the club when needed. Roman Abramovich was probably one of the best owners of a football club of all time. It would be very difficult for the Chelsea board to find another owner like the Russian Billionaire.

One positive to focus on for Chelsea is that the club made a good reputation for itself in the past few years. That will certainly attract a lot of buyers who are willing to offer the required amount of money to the club. However, Chelsea will have to be very careful while selecting their owners as there are a lot of examples of how mismanagement from the upper level could cost the club.

The earlier Chelsea finds a new owner the better for them. The club will be able to function better if they find a new owner as soon as possible. They have to get ready for the next season and will need to spend some time with the new owners to discuss the priorities and areas of improvement. Therefore, the more time they spend together, the more efficient they will be with each other.

Roman Abramovich has been one of the best owners of a football club. The club has enjoyed the best time in its history under the ownership of Roman Abramovich. The Blues have won every possible trophy with Abramovich’s help and now the club now owes him £1.5 billion. However, he has mentioned that he will not be asking for the money while leaving the club.

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