Romelu Lukaku may have a second chance for redemption with West Ham

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With Chelsea seeming desperate to dismiss the player, Lukaku may be able to find a new role within West Ham.

After rejecting the AL-Hilal offer, the Belgian may not get another offer before the end of the transfer window. Thus the 30 year old’s future looks grim at best.

Chelsea’s treatment of the player is not the most aligned with the ideal of sportsmanship either. Lukaku has yet to speak with the new manager Mauricio Pochettino to date. The Belgian is currently among the Chelsea’s U21 squad with no chance of ever seeing play.

In fact, the club refuses to make use of the player despite their dire need for offence. As it is clear the team is quite weak in that regard, judging by their 3-1 loss to West Ham. Thus making it evident that Lukaku’s treatment is very intentional.

And while it is understandable that the player was very disappointing for his €113 (£96,5) million price tag, the club’s response is questionable by most standards.

West Ham : Lukaku’s last hope

Despite all the odds being against him, the Belgian may still have a chance to set foot on the pitch.

In recent news, Romelu Lukaku’s agents have had serious discussions with the Hammers‘ management. Discussions that can effect the club’s view on the player’s potential.

In fact, after the supposed discussion took place, West Ham are now in ‘pole position’ to sign Lukaku, according to Hammer news.

West Ham will most likely sign Lukaku for a fraction of his original cost. As Leeds United manager Sullivan Allardyce once claimed he was given the offer of signing the player for £10 million but refusing nonetheless.

However with no decisions being confirmed by any club, the Belgian’s future remains, for now, a mistery

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