Spurs manager praises Bissouma’s performance this season

Yves Bissouma

Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou was impressed with new signing Yves Bissouma ahead of this week’s gane against Sheffield United.

Bissouma will play the main role in the middle of the park for Spurs in this current campaign. Speaking with press, Postecoglou claims the Ivorian has be huge scope for development as he has already impressed everyone in this season’s few outing.

The Spurs manager is quite impressed with Bissouma’s performance and he also believes that midfielder will unlock a new level of he works on his game. He said :-

“I think I said during the week that I haven’t done much. He’s him. I keep saying that players have their destiny in their own hands. If Biss had come in this year and felt sorry for himself about what happened last year and was thinking about that too much, if he was waiting for me to snap him out of it he wouldn’t be at the place he is now.

“He’s done it by himself. He came in from the first day of pre-season with great energy. I knew he was a quality player. I think the way we play suits him. The rest has been down to him. He works hard every day, he has been outstanding in the games and he deserves the credit for that. He just needs to keep doing that and keep pushing himself and not get to a place where he feels comfortable because things are going well. I still think there’s another level in him.

“I think he certainly can take his game to another level and that helps us to get to another level.”

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