Stephen Warnock claims 24-year old Liverpool man was near the levels of Lionel Messi last year

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Stephen Warnock says 24-year old Liverpool man was somewhere near to the level of Lionel Messi last year. Warnock draws comparisons between Lionel Messi and Alexis Mac Allister. Although, Mo Salah was the only Liverpool man in the top 12 of Ballon D’Or last month. Messi secured his eighth Ballon D’or last month. Speaking to NBC Sports, Warnock claimed that the Argentine midfielder’s performance was only second to Messi. He said,

“When you look at him at Brighton, and especially Argentina in the World Cup, I thought he was the second best player in that tournament behind Messi, I really do.

Messi was brilliant, but Mac Allister was phenomenal in that forward advanced position. Retaining balls, little threaded through passes, I think if you want to get the best out of him, you’ve almost got to play him in that position. He’s a brilliant footballer, but play to his strengths.”

Klopp is playing him at no. 6 position which is not his natural role. Owing to this, fans are not seeing the best out of Mac Allister. Having given the no.10 shirt, everyone excepts him to be at the same level like he is for his nation. Although, he has been satisfactory at the new role, he still needs to work a lot for it. It seems that Lionel Scaloni is also developing him for a deeper role too. Nevertheless, he is a very important part of the Liverpool squad. But it would be ice to see him the way he played in Qatar. For that, the Reds must bring in a specialist defensive midfielder. Moreover, with January window approaching, we can see some new signings at Anfield soon.

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