Steve Waugh talks about the overly cramped international schedule

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Former Australian Captain and one of the greats of the game, Steve Waugh feels that the “public has almost overdosed on cricket”. Waugh said that the schedule is too cramped and that too many matches are played. 

Despite the tournament being played at home and being favorites in this one, the average attendance for five of their Super 12 matches was only 37,565. Waugh said that with such a packed schedule the spectators are not able to keep up with the schedule. Australia played with England in ODIs just 3 days after the World Cup ended.

Waugh said

“There’s a lot of cricket it’s hard to follow, as a spectator its very hard to keep up with it. (The) three one-dayers against England seemed a bit insignificant really, I mean what were they playing for? There wasn’t a big crowd, I think the public has almost overdosed on cricket,”

said Waugh on SEN’s Saturday Morning Mowers Club show.

“You want the special series to be iconic like the Ashes or against England, it’s hard to follow the Australian side because every time they play they have a different team on the field,”

Waugh added.

“For the fans and spectators, it is hard to make a connection because you’re not sure who is playing, I don’t know whether it’s anyone’s fault but you need that consistency in the Australian side.

“You want to know who’s in the squad every game, you want to be following it closely and it’s really hard to do that right now,”

Steve Waugh concluded. 

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