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Arsenal are keen to make the youngster reach his full potential with them

Ethan Nwaneri made his debut for Arsenal against Brentford in the Premier League. “What is so special about him”, you might ask, “he is just another youngster to play for his team”. Well, he is just 15 years old. To put into perspective, Nwaneri was only 12 years of age when the lockdown due to Covid 19 hit England. Now, three years later and at the tender age of 15, Ethan Nwaneri is playing Premier League football with Arsenal. Nwaneri is the youngest ever player to make his debut in the Premier League. He spent three minutes on the pitch and didn’t get a chance to touch the ball. However, the experience of playing in the senior squad in the Premier League is one that Nwaneri and his family will cherish forever no matter what the future holds for him.

Nwaneri has been playing with people above his age group for the entirety of his career at Arsenal. But, he has had a meteoric rise in the last 12 months. He was a regular for the Arsenal U16s and made his debut with U18s in February 2022. Nwaneri had an immediate impact in his first start for the Arsenal U18s. He had two assists in his debut against Reading U18, which helped the team have a dominating victory against the opposition. Arsenal knows they have a superstar on their hands and will do everything in their power to ensure he lives up to his potential. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta well summarised this. Speaking to the reporters after he handed Nwaneri his Arsenal debut, Arteta said:

“The first time I met him, I looked into his eyes and I had that feeling. I really liked what I saw,”

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