The entry of a new manufacturer changes the game for the 11th team – Toto Wolff

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes that the entry of a new manufacturer and team can be looked into if the “cake is bigger”.

With Formula 1’s increasing popularity and outreach, more and more manufacturers are looking to enter the sport.

Andretti Motorsport has been trying to enter the sport since last year although unsuccessful so far. Audi and Porsche on the other hand have almost certainly made it into the pinnacle of motorsports.

Audi has already officially announced its entry in 2026. Porsche on the other hand is still paving its way after the fall-out of the deal with Red Bull.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has kept his views on numerous occasions surrounding the entry of a new manufacturer or team.

New manufacturer new team good for F1 – Wolff

While Andretti has also tried hard to make a move, it is met by great reluctance from the current F1 teams. Toto Wolff has been the biggest opposer of Andretti entering the motorsport with the 11th team.

However, Wolff has now admitted that if a team like Andretti wants to enter with a new manufacturer, then it’s a different story.

“Formula 1 thrives because we have 10 teams, each with a different DNA, dedicated to Formula 1. Most of which have spent more than a few billion over many years,”

Wolff said in a magazine.

“And that has made Formula 1 what it is today.

“If a new team wants to join, anyone is free to propose it to the FIA, then the FIA and F1 have to investigate whether that team is suitable for our business. That has not been the case so far.

“If a team comes with a new engine supplier and says this is what we want to do, then of course it’s a whole different ball game and will trigger different considerations. That’s the point for me as a team owner. It’s not a problem to share the cake if the cake is bigger.”

Nevertheless, Andretti’s efforts are met with great reluctance from Formula 1. On the other hand, Colton Herta also failed to get the superlisense.

This raises the question if F1 really wants American drivers and teams or just the money.

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