Tottenham: James Maddison Injury Update, Duration of Absence

Tottenham Hotspur

The jubilant atmosphere among Tottenham fans following their team’s impressive dismantling of Manchester United last Saturday was somewhat dampened when footage emerged depicting James Maddison leaving the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. He is seen hobbling on crutches with a protective boot encasing his right foot.

The sight of Maddison in such a condition would undoubtedly have sobered the mood. This is because Maddison has swiftly carved out a pivotal role for himself in the Ange Postecoglou revolution at Tottenham. Becoming a fan favorite in the process. Since the departure of Christian Eriksen in 2020. Supporters have yearned for a player of Maddison’s inventiveness and skill.

Tottenham and their ambition

The potential loss of the 26-year-old for any significant period would unquestionably be a major disappointment for both the club and its fan base. Maddison, as he left the stadium, try to downplay the severity of the injury by reassuring journalists that it was merely a precaution. However, the issue serious enough by the Tottenham management to warrant sending him for a scan on Monday.

The upcoming press conference on Friday, where Postecoglou will address Maddison’s fitness. Has now become a highly anticipated event. Not only will Spurs fans be hanging on to Postecoglou’s every word. But Maddison’s status is also of great concern to Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers. As it stands, Maddison is one of the most popular midfielders in the FPL.

With the FPL deadline for this week looming at 6.30pm on Friday. FPL managers who have Maddison in their squad are in advise to exercise patience and await Postecoglou’s press conference before making any hasty decisions. If Maddison is only in expectation to miss Saturday’s game against Bournemouth, it might be prudent to retain him in your FPL team. However, if his absence is project to extend further into the future, transferring him out could become the logical choice.

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