Vincent Kompany’s insight on VAR: A call for refereeing improvement

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Vincent Kompany, Burnley’s manager, showcased remarkable fairness in addressing the contentious moments during Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over his team. Although Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez and Diogo Jota scored, the disallowed goals of Gakpo and Harvey Elliott sparked discussions surrounding VAR.

In a post-match interview, Vincent Kompany empathetically acknowledged Jurgen Klopp’s frustration. He stressed the necessity for a broader conversation regarding VAR’s impact in the Premier League. He candidly acknowledged the inconsistencies and incidents that have negatively affected Burnley’s season.

A Plea for Review: Vincent Kompany’s Call for a ‘Bigger-Picture Discussion

Vincent Kompany extended his fairness beyond his own team, recognizing that several clubs, including Wolves, have encountered questionable decisions by referees. His plea for a ‘bigger-picture discussion’ is a call to action for the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) to promptly address these ongoing issues.

Also, as the season reaches its halfway mark, controversies linked to VAR have been plentiful, sufficient to fill a full book. Kompany’s comments serve as a reminder of the urgent need for the PGMOL to enhance the performance of match officials.

Similar to how managers demand peak performance from their players, the PGMOL must ensure that referees meet expected standards. Moreover, the frequency of errors suggests an immediate necessity for substantial changes, signaling that the existing situation cannot persist unchecked.

Vincent Kompany’s forthright evaluation highlights the pressing requirement for a thorough reassessment of VAR and refereeing standards within Premier League. Also, his call for improvement echoes the urgency in rectifying the issues affecting the game’s integrity.

Kompany’s insightful observations serve as clarion call for a significant overhaul in the application of VAR and performance of referees. Also, it underscores the imperative need for swift action to restore trust and credibility in refereeing decisions for the betterment of the sport.

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