Zinedine Zidane wants Cristiano Ronaldo with him if he is to manage PSG

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According to Marca, Zidane wishes to reunite with Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG if he is to take the job. Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure at Paris Saint-Germain is likely to end next season. The players do not seem to perform at their best which has led the Argentine manager to take this decision. Whereas, Zidane has started his managerial career by managing legends of the game.

The pair enjoyed their time at Real Madrid winning three Champions League trophies in a row and also winning a La Liga title together. That Real Madrid team was one of the best teams of all time and many clubs feared facing that side. Ronaldo was undoubtedly the top scorer under Zidane at Real Madrid scoring 112 goals.

Many speculate that Zidane is likely to take over at PSG once Mauricio Pochettino leaves. New managers usually like to bring in players they are familiar with. However, Ronaldo now plays at Manchester United, and PSG will have to do something extraordinary to convince the 5-time Balon d’Or winner to join their club.

The fans have always been fantasizing about the two of the greatest players of all time playing together. If Ronaldo moves to Paris, he will play alongside Lionel Messi which is what the world has been waiting for. The thought of the combination of a 5-time Balon d’Or and a 7-time Balon d’Or itself will create fear amongst the top clubs in the world.

Why Zidane is insistent to bring Ronaldo at PSG?

Hardly any manager will deny the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Whereas Zidane has already worked with Ronaldo and has dominated Europe. The French manager knows his player which will profit him to build a team around him. Zidane will also reunite with Sergio Ramos at PSG who was the captain at Real Madrid during Zidane’s tenure at the Spanish giants.

Ronaldo hardly shows any signs of slowing down even at the age of 37. Although he is not as prolific as he was a few years ago, he still offers something special that not many players can do. The ability to perform at clutch moments of the game is an ability that even the best of players find difficult to master. However, Ronaldo does it with ease most of the times and scraps results for his team.

Moreover, the unity of Messi and Ronaldo is something that just can not be ignored. This will be the biggest news if the move takes place and one of the biggest in the game. All the viewing records and merchandise records will be over the roof. PSG will be unstoppable with Ronaldo’s expertise and Zidane’s management and hardly a few teams can compete at that level.

Although a move from United to PSG seems appealing for Ronaldo and the fans all over the world, there are a few factors that have to be considered before getting carried away. Paris have to manage their wage bill after many asked questions on it after their last summer transfer window. Whether Zidane is capable of playing two of the greatest players of all time together is also one question that has to be addressed.

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