2023 Formula 1 calendar will feature three sprint races

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FIA confirms that the 2023 Formula 1 calendar will again feature three sprint races.

Earlier, FIA had received a proposal to keep 6 sprint races for the 2023 Formula 1 calendar. FIA, on discussion with teams, has decided to keep 3 sprint races again for the next season.

FIA issued a statement that stated:

“For 2023 season a sprint session will take place at up to three competitions.”

The format of the Saturday race will remain unchanged. The points system will also have no changes for the upcoming season.

The short 100km dash to the finish line was introduced last year. Three sprint races were featured in the last season, the same is expected this season.

The effort to increase sprint races to six has now failed twice. It was proposed to host 6 sprint races this season too. However, the teams rejected this proposal on cost grounds.

Already, two sprint races have taken place this season with the final taking place at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

This time the proposal was able to win the backing of teams in April. However, failed to win the backing of the FIA for the 2023 Formula 1 calendar.

FIA said this in its official statement earlier this year:

“While supporting the principle of an increased number of sprint events, the FIA is still evaluating the impact of this proposal on its trackside operations and personnel, and will provide its feedback to the Commission,”

The first edition of the 2023 F1 sporting regulations was approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council on Tuesday. The first edition is similar to 2022 F1 regulations.

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