£50M Chelsea Player Set to Join Squad Tomorrow for First Time Since September

Newcastle United vs Chelsea

According to journalist Matt Law, Chelsea is almost ready to have one of their star players return to the field. After a protracted injury layoff, he told the “London is Blue” podcast that he thought Ben Chilwell might return to the matchday squad as early as this weekend.

If you want to know when Chilwell last worked for Chelsea, you have to go back to September. Late in the EFL Cup victory over Brighton, he hobbled off.

Although some were concerned about his injury history. Very few anticipated that we would miss more than three months of games without seeing him play.

His natural position on the field is arguably among the weakest now that Chilwell is not there.

Although Levi Colwill has undoubtedly been getting better in his left-back position. He regularly displays how much more at ease he would be in the middle of the defense.

Chilwell Set for Saturday Comeback

It might not be necessary for him to endure much more suffering, though. Law has stated that Chilwell might play against Fulham as early as tomorrow, which would be a huge addition to the team.

Ben Chilwell is expected back very soon,” he stated. He resumed his full training regimen. If not this weekend, I believe we’ll be seeing him in the squad very soon.

However, Mauricio Pochettino needs to make sure he avoids making the same mistake he did earlier in the season by using Chilwell as a winger rather than a member of the defense.

Raheem Sterling and Mykhailo Mudryk are currently splitting time in that role, and because of their offensive prowess, they simply cannot be benched in favor of a natural defender when he rejoins the team.

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