A Detailed Look At The EFL Cup Round 4 Fixtures

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Following the exciting round 3 of the EFL Cup, Round 4 looks to be with a lot of potentials. With certain favourites who have already been knocked out of the tournament.

The upcoming fixtures would be one to watch as certain teams have already faced each other this season. It must be stated that many clubs have not been playing their starting 11.

While the Prestige of the EFL Cup has been reducing as each year passes. It has been an opportunity for younger players to display their talent. They have a chance to realise the kind of players they would be facing if they were regulars in their teams starting 11.

West Ham vs Manchester City || Leicester vs Brighton (EFL Cup Round 4)

West Ham is set to face Manchester City in round 4 of the EFL Cup. While West Ham did defeat Manchester United in the previous round which was quite the big upset. This is so as Manchester United were quite the favourites to win because of their signings this year. West ham has been in great form in the Premier League. They have only lost one game in the Premier League.

Manchester City on the other hand has had quite the start to the league. While only losing one game as well, their recent result of the draw was worrisome. Due to the lack of a Striker and with Gabriel Jesus playing as a winger. Manchester has been playing in a system consisting of a false nine within the team. Manchester City looks like the favourites to win this game but their injuries could lead to another upset.

Leicester will be facing off against Brighton and this looks to be a game that has the potential to steal the week. Brighton has been knowing to not be as clinical as they would hope to be. Currently, the club is 4th in the league losing only one game. Leicester on the other hasn’t been on the start they wish to have been on. The club has lost 3 out of the 5 games in the Premier League. Hoping to emanate their form in last season’s FA Cup, Leicester would try their best to win this game with ease.

Arsenal vs Leeds || Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur || Chelsea vs Southampton

Arsenal is set to face off Leeds in the EFL Cup Round 4 following both teams winning in the previous match. While Arsenal won with ease in a 3-0 victory, Leeds won on penalties again Fulham. Arsenal’s consisted of a lot of players who haven’t been played much in the league. With many players being rotated as the club was prepping for the upcoming North London Derby. This game can go either way but due to the massive issues with Leeds this season with multiple injuries and losses. Arsenal looks like the favourites to win this game.

Tottenham Hotspur will be facing Burnley. This team will be one to watch because of the current situation each team is in. While Arsenal decided to rest their players, players like Harry Kane played in the last round of the cup. Tottenham have lost both of their recent games in the league. Tottenham is the clear favourites to win this game but with Burnley’s physical playing style. It’s another match that could lead to another upset in this round of games.

Chelsea vs Southampton looks to be a one-sided affair with Chelsea most likely to win. While Southampton could get Manchester City to a draw last week. Against a Striker like Romelu Lukaku, it would be tough to “Park The Bus” due to the player’s versatility in his playing style.

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