Graham Potter is still very respected by the Chelsea players

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Many Chelsea players reportedly adore the current manager Graham Potter. According to many sources, the former Brighton manager has a good rapport with the current team players. This could be considered as an uplifting message for the Chelsea manager after facing back-to-back losses in the Premier League. Potter’s first few weeks were filled with sunshine but recently it looks like Stamford is covered by an ominous cloud blanket.

Chelsea’s manager Graham Potter under pressure

Sources from the Athletic close to the club’s players suggest that the players have the utmost respect for the manager. Furthermore they have remarked recently on how much ‘they loved Potter’. Graham Potter ‘s future as the Blues manager is already under question following the Premier League defeats in a row. This is like 2015 for Chelsea all over again where they lost to West Ham United, Stoke City, and Liverpool under Jose Mourinho. Luckily Graham Potter is backed by the boards as well as the players of the team. However if he fails to provide the expected results for the Blues, his stay is uncertain. There is only so much patience that the fans can have for the manager. Therefore Graham Potter needs to step up his game if he wants to remain as the manager of the Chelsea team.

Chelsea’s misfortune continues

Graham Potter ‘s side has been soft while playing the recent games. This had allowed their opponents to walk over them. Though they did show some kind of resilience in the match against Manchester City, they still lost the match 2-0 to them. The big disappointment for the Blues’ fans arrived when Chelsea lost to Newcastle 1-0 at St. James Park this weekend. The World Cup break comes as a gift to the former Brighton manager who is in dire need to step away from the spotlight.

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