Aaron Ramsdale got lucky in the recent Arsenal win against Crystal Palace


Football Pundits thinks Aaron Ramsdale got lucky in the Arsenal 4-1 win against Crystal Palace on Sunday. They were merely recalling Wilfried Zaha’s shot, hitting Aaron Ramsdale on the back and then his head before going out for a corner. Furthermore Zaha did this in his typical style. He burst through the left flank and then proceeded to shift onto his favored right foot. And on seeing an opening he drilled a shot at near post. Aaron Ramsdale however was quick enough to get down and get a touch on the ball. It was enough for the ball to go out for a corner. However the deep breath released by the goalkeeper and the fans told a different story. Many obviously believe that the goalkeeper got lucky there somewhere. But the the thing with luck is that it runs out at some point.

Aaron Ramsdale is believed to have got lucky with Zaha’s shot at goal

Both football Pundit Emmanuel Petit and Michael Owen have talked about this moment in the game. While they praised Aaron Ramsdale for his quick reflexes, they also deemed the save be a ‘lucky’ save. Petit commented, “Palace had a great opportunity to score the first goal. He was so lucky Ramsdale. That should have gone back into his own goal. After a sloppy start, Arsenal took control of the ball – but Ramsdale touched it with his finger, doesn’t he?!” Owen further went on, “He gets lucky, doesn’t he?! Where it bounces off, as Emmanuel said. He’s not lucky, in the first instance. That ball is sneaking in. It’s only on the replay that you see he gets a tiny little touch. It’s the luck of a winner.”

Earlier in the game Palace threatened the Arsenal backline quite frequently. But as soon as Arsenal scored the first goal, it was game over for them. This gives Arsenal a 8 points lead to Manchester City in the Premier League. It doesn’t matter if Aaron Ramsdale got lucky with the save or not. Because at the end of the day the Gunners managed to get the 3 points and win.

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