AC Milan Player Describes What He Felt Playing Against Liverpool At Anfield A Few Years Ago

AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer shares his feelings of playing at Anfield against Liverpool. Milan and Liverpool went face to face in the Champions League group stage in 2021. Moreover, it was the first time that the Italian giants faced the Reds at Anfield.

Although, the home side took the lead, Milan pushed back for a 2-1 score at half time. It was the season in which Milan secured the Scudetto as well. Speaking to DAZN via Milan News, Kjaer says that his team cannot believe that they were leading at the break. He quoted,

“In football, there are situations during the game where everything can change for you. You can take goals while dominating and every once in a while you can win a game.

I also remember the game we played at Anfield against Liverpool after half-time we were winning. I was saying to the team, ‘how are we winning this game?’ Because Liverpool had really put us under pressure. So it means that anything can happen in football, positive and negative.”

The surprise for the Danish international is justified though. It is never “less than a miracle” to lead at Anfield against the Reds. Although Milan are a European giant, it was their first Champions League in four seasons.

However, the side that played against Milan was not the very best. The previous campaign was nothing less than a nightmare for Merseyside club. Though they were in a redemption period, it was still an infant stage for it. They later went on to win their six games in the group stage next year and also reached the semi-finals in 2022. Moreover, they are looking destined to get back into UCL again next year.

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