AC Milan warned by Sacchi after Scudetto success

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Former legendary head coach warned the current AC Milan crop not to ‘fall in the trap of success.’ He also said that the team should push for more in the upcoming season.

Sассhi sроke during аn interview with Lа Gаzzettа dellо Sроrt аbоut the сurrent feeling surrоunding Milаn heаding intо the new саmраign, with Rаdiо Rоssоnerа relаying his соmments.

Where can the AC Milan team go?

“The Scudetto was a masterpiece. For the way, they built it through ideas and play, and repeating it will not be easy. However, that must be the goal for a team like Milan. The collective will count more than the singles, as it was in the last championship. And it will be essential to avoid the trap of success: woe to feel satisfied and that you have arrived at the end.”

Who is the man who can make a difference?

“Given that style always makes the difference. And that, if the team does not have a style of play, even someone like Pele would struggle. I say that I expect a lot from Leao. He has everything to explode for good: physique, speed, imagination. The important thing is that he finds continuity of performance within the same system and that it is not absent, as has happened in the past.”

Where can Milan still improve?

“Among the big teams, Milan is the team that plays the most European style. But the guys from Pioli have to learn to stay more compact, shorter. There must be no more than thirty meters between the last defender and the last attacker. Only in this way can you benefit from the synergy between the departments and you can get to the internalisation of the game. And then pressing, a lot of pressing: this is the key to success in modern football.”

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