Ajay Jadega finds seven hours huge for a ODI cricket

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Since the very first hour Ben Stokes announced his retirement from ODI cricket, there’s been words in the air regarding its existence. Keeping aside the entire workload issue, the devoted seven hours of ODI is in question. Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi had previously mentioned about shortening ODI overs. Indian legend Ravi Shastri said similar things too. And now its time for Ajay Jadeja to follow almost the same route.

Notably, the 31 years old announced his retirement from the ODI cricket. His sole aim was to concentrate on T-20 and Test cricket.

Very recently, both Ravi Shastri and Shahid Afridi proposed reduction of 50 overs to 40 over. They believed that, it may draw fans back to the form, instead of getting extinct. However, Jadeja joined the list, but gave a blunt reply about it existence

Media do play a important role in promoting a format: Ajay Jadeja

One cannot deny that Test cricket got back its limelight that was doomed an era back. According to Jadeja, it was the media who highlighted the shorter formats over the traditional red ball cricket. He explained that the broadcasters found 50-overs format a bit lucrative. He constantly focused more on media behavior to any format behind the later getting famous. While speaking to the Fan Code during the second ODI between India and West Indies.

“There was a time when ODI cricket had arrived and then lesser Test matches were being played because that is again, more productive for the players, broadcasters and for the association. Broadcasters play a key role. If you notice, whichever gets the higher media rights that gets more popularity. ODI was expensive at one point of time. Then T20 came.”

However, Jadeja is preety sure that the hype of T-20 cricket won’t doom the glory and excitement of Test Cricket. Additionally, he made a cheeky a cheeky reply too.

“India are playing more Test match now than they played 20-30 years back. But ODI…7 ghante kiske paas he agar saare teen ghante me kaam chalta he?” It said, “who has 7 hours of time, if it can be done within three and a half hours!”

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