Alan Pardew Urges Arsenal to Give Winger a Break Following Recent Dip in Form

Bukayo Saka

Alan Pardew has recommended a significant strategy shift for Arsenal‘s winger Bukayo Saka. He suggests that Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, should consider resting Saka. This advice comes in the wake of Arsenal’s 2-0 loss at the Emirates Stadium. It was a game where Saka’s performance notably lacked its usual impact.

Saka has been a central figure for Arsenal this season in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. However, his recent form has sparked concerns, leading to calls for a strategic change in his role.

Pardew’s Insight on the Form of Saka and Arsenal’s Strategy

Speaking on talkSPORT, Alan Pardew highlighted the fatigue evident in Saka’s recent games. He compared Arsenal’s tactical approach to that of Manchester City, noting City’s flexibility. It is in stark contrast to Arsenal’s predictable use of Saka. Pardew’s suggestion is to either give Saka a break or alter his role to reinvigorate the young winger.

Pardew also critiqued Arsenal’s rigid adherence to their 4-3-3 formation. Moreover, he particularly focused on the predictable deployment of Saka and Gabriel Martinelli on the wings. This predictability, according to Pardew, has enabled opposing managers to counter Arsenal’s attacking threats effectively.

Reflecting on Arsenal’s strategy, Pardew emphasized the need for more versatility in their attack. Moreover, he believes that Arsenal’s over-reliance on certain players in fixed roles is limiting the team’s offensive potential. Furthermore, this makes them more predictable and easier to defend against.

Arsenal’s Tactical Flexibility and Squad Rotation

Pardew’s comments suggest that Arteta needs to inject more dynamism into Arsenal’s attacking strategy. Arsenal’s recent performances show that their current setup has limitations. Introducing tactical variations and utilizing different players could re-energize Arsenal’s attack.

Incorporating players like Emile Smith Rowe could provide Arsenal with new attacking options. Experimenting with different formations could make the team less predictable. Moreover, this would pose a greater challenge for opponents.

Squad rotation, especially in the attacking department, could help manage the workload for players like Bukayo Saka. This approach not only addresses player fatigue but also offers opportunities for other squad members to contribute. Adapting the team’s tactical approach could unlock new dimensions in Arsenal’s gameplay.

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