Alan Shearer praises £72m Manchester United player saying he was under pressure

Manchester United

Former Premier League legend Alan Shearer praises Manchester United man Rasmus Højlund. Shearer said that Man United striker was under pressure. The striker half done perfect since signing for big money in the summer from Atalanta. However, he was doing pretty well in the European championship. Though, goals in the league was still not coming by the forward. This picture changed against Aston Villa when he scored the winning goal. The red devils witnessed a dramatic comeback at the Old Trafford. Villa took the lead in the first half which ended in a 3-2 win for United.

Speaking about Højlund and his maiden league goal on the Rest is Football podcast, the former striker said,

Hojlund who got his first Premier League goal, you could see the relief on his face. I thought he was going to burst when he was doing his celebrations and rightly so because you can imagine the pressure, unfairly at times because we’ve said it, he should be in and out. He should be learning. He should have a rest one day and back in again. But because of the transfer fee and the situation at Old Trafford he has had to play more than he should have been and that’s been tough on him. But the relief that he will have will be huge.”

Rasmus is still a young striker who is learning everyday. Manchester United need to to be patient with him. He has shown in recent times what he can deliver in the near future for the club. Although he is over played a bit, he will also be hungry to prove himself. United are also in a state of turmoil after their recent performances. They recently lost 2-1 against Nottingham Forest counting their loss tally to 14 this season.

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