Alan Shearer shares a funny incident after Newcastle’s clash against Milan


Pundit Alan Shearer shares funny incident about his son after Newcastle United clashed against AC Milan in Champions League this week.

Eddie Howe’s squad took a crucial point at San Siro on Tuesday. Newcastle made comeback to Champions League after 20 long years.

However, Shearer shared that his son was seen with with friends provoking Milan players in front of their hotel. Speaking on The Rest is Football Podcast, he said :-

“I said to my son as I always do when he goes to away games, ‘just don’t do anything stupid, be sensible, go and have a laugh with your mates and enjoy the atmosphere’.

“His mate sent me a video, they were outside of the Milan players’ hotel, all the Milan players were coming out and getting onto the bus ready to go to the game. You can imagine there are 700-800 Milan fans.”

“There’s my stupid f***ing son with his Newcastle shirt on. Him and his three mates. I said ‘What on earth are you playing at? I told you to just be sensible’. My god honestly. He’s 23 the b***** idiot. He was fine, he had a great time.”

Shearer also gave his verdict on Newcastle’s performance at San Siro

Alan Shearer spoke about his former club’s performance against AC Milan and said :-

“Newcastle went to Milan on Tuesday and it was hard work for them. You could tell the last 20 minutes, they were absolutely shattered. I get and understand that, because it’s the mentality, it’s the travelling and it can get to you.

“Certainly looking at Newcastle it was hard work for them. It was an unbelievable point. They’d have snapped your hand off if you’d have said that to them before the game. I don’t think they played particularly well.”

“If Milan had anyone who could put the ball in the back of the net then Newcastle would have been beaten. But I thought two great performances from Nick Pope and Kieran Trippier. I thought they were outstanding.

“The rest of them didn’t really find their feet and found it quite hard at times. Sean Longstaff was maybe another pick. I wouldn’t say it was a great night, but it was a great point.”

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