Allan Border urges to uplift Warner’s punishment. Says, ball tampering as “natural” on flat pitches.

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Legendary Aussie player Allan Border urges the senior CA officials to uplift David Warner’s ban from the leadership in the National team. According to him, the bloke has got enough punishments for just “scratching” the ball.

David Warner has been in tremendous form in his recent years. His recent form has been questioning Cricket Australia (CA) if later is too harsh on Warner. The present Aussie Test Captain Pat Cummins urged the same. Allan Border added some pepper to it, while speaking to The West Australian on Monday.

‘Harsh penalty’ it is and Warner ‘paid his penanc’, said Allan Border

According to Border,

“I know that every other side’s doing exactly what we were caught doing. (If) all the captains put their hand on their heart and say ‘I wasn’t doing anything similar’, they’d be telling ‘porky pies’ (lies).”

This can be a bit controversial and may raise eyebrows. Though there are names in the list, but the punishment had indeed not been this huge. However, all he tried to say, is to draw an ending line to what David is going through. He added,

The bans those boys copped were a bit over the top for the crime, given the knowledge around the cricket fraternity where this has been going on… They all had to change the way they went about their cricket.

Border considers ball tampering as “natural”, keeping in mind the effect reverse swing on a flat pitch. Adding to that, he said,

There’s one line of thought that you’re not allowed to touch the ball, but there’s also the school of thought that you should allowed, if you get the ball in your hand. Just scratching the ball and working on it over a period of time, and you get the ball reverse swinging … what’s wrong with that?

Adding to that, Border also said,

It’s not a bad idea because on flat wickets you need something, otherwise the scores are just going to blow out, and that’s what happens now when we start preparing result wickets, because it’s very hard to get good players out on very flat tracks.

Flashback to March, 2018

In March 2018, Australia was touring South Africa for a four match test series. It was the third test, third day on 24th March, after the 43rd over of the second innings Aussie Bancroft was caught rubbing the ball with a sand paper. It created abrasive surface on the ball. As soon as the umpire detected it, rejected the ball immediately. SA was at 129/2, leading by 185 runs.

Cameron Bancroft was later accompanied by the then Captain Steve Smith and Vice captain David Warner at the press conference. There, they were asked about the “adhesive yellow tape”. Four days later, CA’s investigation let the “boys” admit it as a sandpaper. Smith admitted his and Warner’s involvement in the plan. Smudge and Warner wss banned from International cricket for about a year. Adding to that, CA restricted Warner’s leadership in coming future, in International cricket. However. Cameron had to pay 75% of his match fees as penalty. Adding to that, Bancroft was the first one to return to the International Cricket.

Warner led Winnipeg Hawks in the Global T20 Canada League in 2018. He moved to India as Sunsrisers Hyderabad captain ahead of IPL 2020. The bitter cold relationship with SRH led to leave it and join Delhi Capitals in the IPL 2022.

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