An old Michael Schumacher drama that is affecting Ricciardo

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Consequences of a forgotten story from the 90s, with Michael Schumacher at its center, are affecting Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri in 2022.

The ongoing Alpine-Piastri-McLaren drama has been the highlight of the summer break. The chaos which started with Alonso leaving Alpine for Aston Martin has now involved multiple drivers and teams.

One person, who might have wanted to stay away from this drama was Daniel Ricciardo. Regardless, Daniel Ricciardo has somewhat become the center of the whole show.

It is believed that Oscar Piastri will replace Ricciardo at McLaren for the 2023 season. FIA’s Contract Recognition Board (CRB) has recognized that Piastri has two valid contracts at the moment – one with Alpine and the other with McLaren.

However, CRB wouldn’t have come into existence given, this old incident from the 90s involving Michael Schumacher.

Benetton-Jordan dispute over Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher had signed for Benetton even after having a contract with Jordan in 1991.

Schumacher made his debut with the Jordan team back in 1991. He shined on his debut, qualifying an amazing seventh.

Afterward, in the race Michael Schumacher was running fifth. However, Schumacher suffered a clutch failure, ending his race early. Nevertheless, it was clear that Schumacher was a talented and skillful driver. He quickly made his name on the grid

Therefore, Benetton wanted to sign the young German driver for 1992. Although, later they later became more eager and tried to hire Schumacher for the very next race in Monza.

To get Schumacher, they were ready to sign off their current driver Roberto Moreno.

However, Schumacher had a contract with Jordan so, the case was taken to court. Since, the way Jordan had written the contract, it was unclear. So, the court deemed the contract not valid.

Benetton would ultimately pay off Roberto Moreno a hefty amount of $ 500,000 as he still had a valid contract with the team, thus, grabbing the latest hot talent in F1, Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher would race for Benetton from the very next race at Monza in 1992. Schumacher would ultimately win his first out of seven world titles with Benetton in 1994.

CBR was ultimately created due to this drama of the 1991 season.

As of now, it seems Ricciardo would also be offered a pay-off to make way for Piastri. But the question is, whether Piastri is really worth fighting in such a manner.

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