Andrew Balbirnie appreciates Indian cricket team

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Irish skipper Andrew Balbirnie is ready to take on the Hardik Pandya-led T20I squad on Sunday.

In his pre-match press conference, Balbirnie said that any Indian team is the best team.

He also added that it will be a good challenge to play a brand-new Indian team and that they have done their homework.

Balbirnie also said that India have the potential to send two teams viz a Test and a T20I team simultaneously.

The Irish skipper also mentioned that Ireland doesn’t have those resources at the current moment.

Balbirnie also added that because of the IPL, many Indian youngsters have the opportunity to make it big on the international stage.

Ireland have watched all the footage of this year’s IPL so they know which players to target tomorrow.

But, Balbirnie commented that just watching the footage will not help them enforce a result on India.

Ireland will have to perform better than India to get the better of the visitors.

Lastly, Balbirnie also went on to say that Ireland is excited to welcome huge crowds for tomorrow’s game.

He said that there would be around 10 to 11 thousand spectators at the match out of which 9000 alone would be Indian.

He recounted his 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup experience and said that the Indian crowds were just exhilarating for them.

Balbirnie was also excited to watch all the noise and colours at the stadium.

He is now expecting the same in Ireland.

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