Antonio Conte to be sacked by Tottenham Hotspur as per recent reports

Antonio Conte is believed to be sacked by the Tottenham Hotspur board, as per reports. He is set to be relieved from his manager duties according to new reports. Arsenal fans would rejoice if the news is true. The Gunners fans will enjoy the frustrations suffered by their North London rivals. Furthermore as per new reports, Tottenham are set to sack Antonio Conte. As per reports, Spurs are set to agree on Conte’s departure by the end of the week. Furthermore this is done following the manager’s constant criticism of his players. The Italian have publicly criticized his players after the 3-3 draw with Southampton on the weekend. Therefore the club is definitely not happy with Antonio Conte as they believe in backing up the player more than anything else.

Antonio Conte set to be sacked by Tottenham Hotspur board

The Italian is set to depart from the club following his criticism regarding the players. Antonio Conte is know for his brass comments regarding the teams he manage. Therefore it is no surprise there that he chose to criticize the players publicly. However many might not like his brassiness. Antonio Conte commented on the players after the 3-3 draw at St Mary’s Park. He said,  “They are used to it here, they are used to it. They don’t play for something important, they don’t want to play under pressure, they don’t want to play under stress. It is easy in this way. Tottenham’s story is this. 20 years there is the owner and they never won something but why? The fault is only for the club or for every manager that stay here?”

He further went on, “I have seen the managers that Tottenham had on the bench. You risk to disrupt the figure of the manager and to protect the other situation in every moment.”

Mikel Arteta once criticized by the Spurs manager

Furthermore Antonio Conte had criticized Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta just 12 months prior. Arteta was seen complaining about the match officials after their recent match, which costed them a spot in the Champions League. The Italian then went on to comment, “Arteta is a really good coach but he has just started this job and he has to be more focused on his team and not to keep complaining.

“In six months here [at Spurs], I have listened to him complaining a lot. He needs to be more calm. But if he doesn’t want to accept my advice, I don’t care.”

But now 10 months later Arsenal and Arteta are at the top of the Premier League table. They are even 20 points clear of Spurs. It looks like the Gunners will really have the last laugh here.

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