Armando Izzo regrets turning down Arsenal when offer came

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Serie A player Armando Izzo have admitted that he regrets turning down Arsenal. The Gunners wanted to sign Armando Izzo back in 2018. Furthermore he was one of the most exciting defender in Europe back in 2018. The player was playing for Torino in the 2018-19 season. Many European clubs wanted to sign Armando Izzo in the 2018 season. Arsenal was one of the club who was interested in signing the player. However he turned the Gunners down to continue play for Torino. He further signed an extension with Torino when the interest from the Gunners came. However he is now out of favor at Torino. Further more Izzo is currently on a loan spell to Monza. The player have now revealed that he regrets not moving to the English side when the chance came. Arsenal are currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table.

Armando Izzo have revealed that he regrets not moving to Arsenal

Moza defender Armando Izzo have revealed that he regrets turning the Gunners down when they wanted to sign him. Now few years later, he is currently on a loan deal to Monza where he is struggling to get minutes in a game. Armando Izzo have confessed, “The year I renewed with Torino, after qualifying for Europe, my former agent and the president Urbano Cairo told me that Arsenal and Conte’s Inter Milan were there. I had feeling for Toro, I believed in the project and I stayed another year. That year, I scored six goals and I didn’t hear from any team.” He further added, “I asked myself ‘how is it possible that there is no team?’. Then, after two years, Bremer, with four goals and finishing 10th, he goes to Juventus. My dream was to go to Inter, I’ve never been able to.”

In this game chances don’t come twice. Therefore one must seize the chance that comes to him. The Gunners are currently in a far better position than they were back then. Furthermore Armando Izzo have probably fallen out of favors at Emirates as well.

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