Arsenal 0-2 Manchester United: Too much tactical fouling in a “FRIENDLY”

Too much physicality for a friendly match as there were 37 fouls in the Match between Arsenal and Manchester United in United States.

As per The Athletic, Red Devils played a tough game against Arsenal on Saturday. ESPN revealed that 15 fouls were committed by Gunners and United committed 22 fouls respectively.

Although fans in the USA got to see the PL clubs lock horns and engaging in tough game. Being a friendly game, it was a real high-voltage contest.

Meanwhile to understand the rashness, look at the foul percentage . Last Season, Arsenal’s number were 9.8 per game whereas Manchester United committed 11.2 fouls a game on average. Both the teams doubled their fouling rate, that too in a friendly match.

However, both the managers were happy with their team’s performance and said :-

Manchester United Boss Eric Ten Hag:

“I think it’s very good. The way we played, I was really pleased, how active we were in and out of possession. That is the way we want to play and that is the only period of the year you can really work in training and translate it to games without it having consequences.

“But still, we want to win, and I think the lads showed we played a good game.

“Of course, they are all great games [in this series]. We have to go and it helps us to progress and especially those opponents, they are good. Arsenal is a really good opponent. They played incredibly good last season in the Premier League, so yeah, that’s good to match with them, then you will be better.”

Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta:

“Yes (this is a good lesson for us). You asked me yesterday about my thoughts on how difficult or easy the season is going to be. But it’s going to be more challenging, more difficult, the level and preparation of the team is excellent and we knew today, they had already played two games before this one and we knew the test was going to be really demanding, like it’s going to be on Wednesday against [Barcelona] and they’re one of the best teams in the world.

“I don’t like losing and I don’t like the feeling that I have right now. So, the boys have to train right now, in that space thinking how we are going to be better to win the next match.”

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