Tottenham Star Admits He’s an Arsenal Fan Ahead of Huge Title Clash with Man City

Tottenham winger Dejan Kulusevski, who has quickly become a fan favorite since joining from Juventus, has previously confessed his admiration for north London rivals Arsenal, adding an intriguing twist to the upcoming crucial match against Manchester City.

As Arsenal are eyeing their first Premier League title in two decades, they need a favor from their arch-rivals, Tottenham. Spurs host Manchester City, and a win for the home team could significantly boost Arsenal’s title hopes, creating a fascinating dynamic ahead of the clash.

Kulusevski’s Arsenal Admiration

Dejan Kulusevski’s past admiration for Arsenal adds an unexpected layer to the upcoming title race showdown. While on loan at Parma, the Swedish winger expressed his fondness for Arsenal, stating on the Swedish Lundh podcast,

“My favorite team is Arsenal because I like everything about the club, the city, the players, and the way they play football.”

This revelation from Kulusevski, who has since become a key player for Tottenham, is bound to stir mixed emotions among Spurs supporters.

Despite his affection for Arsenal, Kulusevski has committed himself fully to Tottenham since his arrival. His impact on the pitch has been significant, quickly endearing him to the Spurs faithful. However, his earlier comments reveal a deep-seated admiration for Arsenal that predates his time in the Premier League. Such sentiments are not uncommon among players, but in the context of this pivotal match, they become particularly noteworthy.

In a post-joining interview, Kulusevski hinted at a lifelong dream to play for another team, further fueling speculation. He remarked,

“There’s one team I’ve always wanted to play for, and I think I will play there one day, but I don’t want to say what team it is because it’s sensitive stuff,”

While he didn’t name Arsenal directly, the connection seems apparent, adding another layer of intrigue to his performance against Manchester City.

The High-Stakes Clash

Tottenham’s upcoming match against Manchester City holds immense significance for both Spurs and Arsenal. A victory for Tottenham could revitalize their own Champions League ambitions while simultaneously boosting Arsenal’s chances of clinching the Premier League title. The scenario presents a unique dilemma for Spurs fans, some of whom are conflicted about the potential benefits of a loss to City.

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou addressed this complex situation in his pre-match press conference. Drawing from his experience with fierce rivalries, he dismissed the notion of deliberately losing. Postecoglou stated firmly,

“I understand rivalry. I was part of one of the biggest ones in the world in the last couple of years with Celtic and Rangers. But I’ve never, and will never, understand if someone wants their own team to lose. That’s not what sport is about. It’s not what I love about the game,”

The match against City will be a true test of Tottenham’s integrity and competitiveness. For the players, particularly Dejan Kulusevski, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and commitment to their current club, despite any past allegiances. As the game unfolds, fans from both sides of north London will watch closely, understanding that the outcome could potentially reshape the Premier League title race.

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