Arsenal aim to cut player Nuno Tavares loose. Nottingham Forest aim to profit.


Two years after joining the club, Arsenal player Nuno Tavares will be leaving the Gunners this month.

The 21 year old had ample opportunity to shine while under the command of The Olympic du Marseille. The player contributed in a solid 39 matches while under the club’s command, with a total of 3009 minutes played.

the young man also had his fair share of Premier League experience as well. As he has participated in over 20 league matches, 13 of which he started in.

The Arsenal player however was unable to showcase any significant improvement that would justify his persistence within the club. On the other hand, Tavares’s performances gained the interest of both West Ham and Nottingham Forest.

While the gunners are in dire need of a striker with the recent knee injurie of Jurrien Timber, the need for a defender is not so pressing. Meaning that Tavares is expendable if need be.

As such, Arsenal have demanded no less than £20 million for the once £8 million player. Negotiations are still ongoing however, for the time being.

The swift change of the player’s price tag is unexpected. The Gunners are yet to explain the sudden change, especial after being comfortable with the £8 million West Ham offer. Speculations suggest the club simply wishes to net a healthy profit.

The Arsenal player’s appeal

When observing the interest displayed by West Ham and Forest, it may seem safe to assume the greatness of Tavares’s talent. However, that is far from the truth.

As good of a dribbler as he is, the Arsenal player has some abhorrent weaknesses. His incompetence to tackle properly heavily affects his role as a defensive unite, with his inability to keep hold of the ball only highlighting the previous flaw. Thus making it very clear why Arsenal management opted to cut him loose.

However the price on a fit young man like him is, or rather was, too enticing to ignore.

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