Arsenal considers Alexander Bah as an addition after Timber injury

With the transfer window nearing its end, Arsenal target Benfica player Alexander Bah as Jurrien Timber can no longer participate.

Timber was a recent addition to the club and had the quality the club needed. The player is great at passing and can be of use in any situation. Furthermore, the 22 year old is still in his prime and has the potential of reaching further heights.

However, recent Gunners‘ signing suffered from a knee injury and can no longer see play. The defender has undergone surgery to heal his ruptured ligaments. Still, it will take a few months for his right knee to fully heal.

This leaves Arsenal in an unenviable position, as spare defenders such as Rob Holding are leaving the club. Still, the club is currently taking steps to handle the issue, making contact with several potential replacements. One of them being non other than Benfica’s Alexander Bah.

The possibility of Alexander Bah joining Arsenal

The 25 year old can definitely be a solution to the Gunners’ current issue. However, he may not be the best option out there.

The player is a versatile unite that operates best as a wing back. But when looking at the details, it becomes clear the player lacks in quality.

The player is both energetic and long-lasting, but has a rather poor performance. The defender can competently receive passes, but has a hard time making the pass himself. The player’s statistics are ordinary at best, with weaknesses that greatly undermine his defensive capabilities.

Moreover, Benfica demands no less than £30 million for the player, making him terribly overpriced.

Despite this, the player still has a reasonable chance of making it to the club. As the transfer window is coming to a close, Arsenal may not have much of a choice in the matter.

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