Arsenal greenlights Rob Holding as other clubs show interest

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After a rather uneventful season, Rob Holding will be leaving Arsenal this window, with multiple clubs eying the situation.

Despite being under the Gunners wings for 7 years, the player barely saw any substantial play. The 27 year old was not only an infrequent starter, but was also absent for all of the current season’s Premier league matches.

Thus the player has the permission to leave despite Jurriën Timber’s recent injury this month. An injury the club is attempting to handle.

The defender is yet to decide a course of action, which understandable considering the options. As sources Claim the Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, and Luton Town are all interested in a transfer deal for the player. The latter opting for a loan deal instead.

The future of Rob Holding in Arsenal

Despite their current need for a defender, Holding’s seven year commitment is likely coming to an end. The player simply has no reason to stay put considering his underutilization and the current demand for his talent.

The 27 year old is likely to be more involved if he accepts a transfer deal. Furthermore, his chances at playing in the Premier league are larger as well.

Overall, there are no downsides if the player choses to leave, which may make his current reservations a somewhat questionable decision. However, considering the context is crucial.

While the player is in fact free to move, no club has taken any official steps to acquire him. There is yet to be a bid, nor even an expected price. And considering the limited time left in this window, the player’s hands are tied.

In brief, the player is likely to move this window, as most clubs are in need of a defender, but until a club takes the initiative, the player’s future is unknown.

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