Arsenal legend claims Mikel Arteta in better than Unai Emery

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry claims current manager Mikel Arteta is better than Former boss Unai Emery.

Former Arsenal winger claims he was just forcing himself to go and watch Arsenal’s matches during their horrid spell five years ago. However, Gunners have shifted momentum under Mikel Arteta in last couple of campaigns.

Arsenal went neck to neck with Manchester City in last campaign until final few weeks. They finished 2nd in the Premier League Table, which is far better than where they once were a few seasons ago.

Before Arteta’s entry, last few years of Arsene Wenger and start of Unai Emery’s reign has been a disaster for Arsenal. Gunners finished 8th in Premier League during that period.

Henry claims that he used to show up during Arsenal’s matches due to his allegiance with the club, not because he wanted to watch them play. However, he also Gunners have become a new team under Mikel Arteta.

Since Spaniard’s arrival, Arsenal have won FA Cup and two Community Shields. Even their splendid start this season have caught Frenchman’s attention lately.

Speaking on the Rest in Football Podcast, Henry said :-

“I think we are in a way better place than we were before.

“I can accept a result, but you don’t accept defeat. It’s about being able to understand and accept the result, but you can’t accept the defeat. The loss against Lens, it can happen, but I see a team fighting but making mistakes, it can happen. Five years ago I couldn’t relate to the team. I was going to the game because I had to, not because I wanted to.

“Just because I was an Arsenal fan I was going to the game not because I wanted to see them play. But I’d always go to the match if I was in London, because I was an Arsenal fan. But now, I can see what they are about and can see the pieces that are missing.”

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