Arsenal may sell Emile Smith Rowe to Chelsea, a infuriating concept

Emile Smith Rowe

With the transfer expenses surpassing £200 million, Arsenal may be willing to sell Emile Smith Rowe to Chelsea. However, many fans view such act as nothing less than “blasphemous”.

The Gunners‘ expenses this season are overwhelming. The club made many decent sales this season such as Folarin Balogun, yet is no where near covering his recent spending. And while most agree the player acquired make it a money well spent, this does not change the fact that the club must raise funds before consequences manifest.

Some rumours claim the Blues may be Arsenal’s solution. Said rumours indicates that multiple clubs, including Chelsea, approached Arsenal regarding Rowe. These clubs offer greater involvement to the player who is yet to partake in a single Premier league match.

However, no official sources confirmed the truth of the matter yet. Something which only adds to fans suspense, as the mere concept of handing Rowe to the Blues raised hellfire.

How fans reacted to the premise of Arsenal selling Rowe to Chelsea

Calling the reaction negative is an understatement. Many view the idea as an impossibility and are in outrage that there may be a chance of occurrence.

Rob Holding is a great example of the peculiar nature of the matter. Just like Rowe, the man was heavily underutilised, rarely was he a started of any match, and was not part of any of the current Premier league matches. Naturally, the player decided to find another club which will have him see play, and is currently awaiting offers from the Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, and Luton Town.

Yet most fans are understanding of his decision and are completely neutral to his decision. Thus Rowe’s case becomes even more peculiar.

As fans acknowledge that the man saw no play in recent memory, and that he does not serve any purpose to the current team unit. Yet are furious to imagine him seeing play anywhere else, especially Chelsea.

Whether the player does hold some intrinsic value, or simply should not land in the Blues hands, Arsenal may be better of finding alternative solutions to its spending problem.

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