Arsenal might add Victor Osimhen to their roster


As Napoli strain their relationship with Victor Osimhen, many clubs eye the striker with interest, including Arsenal.

According to the Sun, both Chelsea and the Gunners wish to add Osimhen to their team. But until further developments unfold, the player will not be leaving his current club any time soon. Osimhen’s contract will not expire until 2025, making future negotiations very expensive for any interested parties.

Luckily for both club, such developments have indeed occurred. As the striker recently threatened to file a case against the club for a video they posted recently. The now deleted video contains footage of him missing a penalty against Bologna, accompanied by mocking commentary. The Gunners and Blues are aware of these developments and are eying the situation for any opportunities. However, acquiring the player is still a very daunting task.

The usefulness of Victor Osimhen to Arsenal

Arsenal made many fine additions this season, but could definitely use a few more. While they have made their interest in a few other players such as Mbappe very clear, the role he will fill is not where their needs lie. The club currently needs a No9, which is Victor Osimhen’s specialty.

As a No9, the UEFA player won both the title and the Golden Boot, scoring 26 goals in 32 games. This, along with his age makes him the perfect candidate. However this not only attracts competition, but raises his value as well.

The club will likely pay no less than £120 to £130 million for the 24 year old if they are lucky to beat Chelsea to the punch. And the player himself is not opposed to making the move, as he is quite interested in experiencing the Premier League.

Still, Napoli do value the player for the time being, thus there might not be any developments on the matter until the coming January.

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