Arsenal news: Richard Keys not pleased with Arteta’s gesture

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Arsenal’s dramatic win against Brentford sparked contrasting reactions, especially concerning Mikel Arteta’s gesture towards match-winner Kai Havertz. The late goal secured a crucial victory for The Gunners, prompting Arteta to escort Havertz towards the joyful away fans.

This celebratory act, however, drew sharp criticism from former Sky Sports pundit Richard Keys. He rebuked Arteta, accusing him of mishandling England goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and suggested Ramsdale should seek an exit in January. Keys claimed Arteta’s actions with Havertz were more about self-vindication than genuine support.

Yet, this critique fails to acknowledge the broader context. Havertz, a high-profile signing at £65 million, has faced scrutiny since his arrival at Arsenal. In today’s inflated transfer market, such a price tag for a 24-year-old talent isn’t exorbitant. Arteta’s encouragement of Havertz after a pivotal goal isn’t merely about redemption; it’s a manager backing his player to face future challenges.

The German international’s recent tally of two goals and one assist in 20 games across all competitions falls short of expectations. Nonetheless, his late winner against Brentford could mark a potential turning point, injecting confidence and momentum into his Arsenal career.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Arsenal future remains uncertain

On the other hand, Aaron Ramsdale’s struggles in the Brentford clash drew attention. Despite two errors that could have proven costly, solely blaming Arteta for Ramsdale’s performance seems unjustified. As a professional goalkeeper, Ramsdale understands the demands of his role and the manager’s prerogative to make decisions in the team’s best interest. As of now, Ramsdale’s future with Arsenal remains uncertain.

While Keys advocates for Ramsdale’s departure, it’s essential to acknowledge that Ramsdale must remain prepared for opportunities in the starting lineup. The manager’s duty revolves around making choices that maximize the team’s chances of success, even if they entail tough decisions regarding player selection.

In the modern world of football, individual performances are under constant evaluation. Arteta’s support for Havertz shouldn’t overshadow his management of Ramsdale. Both situations reflect the complexities and challenges faced by a manager striving for success in a competitive league.

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