Arsenal and their Striker Puzzle: Ivan Toney or Victor Osimhen?

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Arsenal, a team with a rich history, has hosted many great strikers. From the amazing Thierry Henry to the bold Robin van Persie, they’ve always had a top forward. Now, as this season goes on, Mikel Arteta has a big decision: who will be the next top striker for Arsenal?

Ivan Toney: Brentford’s Top Scorer

Toney‘s time in the Premier League has been amazing. In two seasons, he’s got 32 goals for Brentford, showing he’s one of the best in England. But, recent problems with FA’s betting rules have slowed him down a bit. Still, because he scores so much, Arsenal really wants him.

Jermaine Pennant said Toney is like the great Ian Wright. Wright‘s story of starting football late and then becoming a star at Arsenal is like Toney‘s story. If Toney can do what Wright did, he’ll become a legend at Arsenal.

Victor Osimhen: Napoli’s Fast Striker

Victor Osimhen is also a great choice because of his speed, strength, and skill. Getting him from Napoli could be a great move for Arteta to make Arsenal‘s attack even better. Pennant thinks Arsenal‘s attack now is only the fourth-best, so they need someone like Osimhen. Young players like Martinelli and Saka are good, but it might be too much to expect them to score all the goals.

Eddie Nketiah’s Challenge

Wearing the number 14 shirt, which reminds people of Thierry Henry, is tough for Nketiah. He’s had some good moments, but not all the time. Pennant isn’t sure if he’s the right choice for big games, and many people agree.

The Decision

Arsenal‘s search for the next striker is about more than just goals. They need someone who understands what the club means. It could be Toney, who has a story like Wright‘s, or Osimhen, who has played all over the world. Whoever they choose, he’ll have the hopes of fans from everywhere, who want to see Arsenal at the top again.

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