Arsenal transfer roundup: Turner and Marquinhos done deal

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The summer transfer window is officially open and Arsenal will look to strengthen further after missing out on another UCL campaign for the 6th straight time. Now that the window is open, we expect things to speed up.

Edu and Arteta have a busy 11 weeks at their hands to reinforce the Gunners squad. From June 10 they can register signings from PL and Scottish League. But they have to wait until July 1 for signing from other countries when the international transfer window will open.

Arteta must be backed in the once again and it seems he already outlined his plans to the club owners. Last month, Mikel Arteta said the following: “Overall look back you have to be clear with what we have to do, but very clear as well that this is not where we want to be. We want to be in a completely different position, challenging with the top teams. That’s the aim. This is not going to stop here.”

Arteta on his plans for Arsenal

Arsenal already had two signings in place. The Gunners signed New England Revolution keeper Matt Turner for £7m. The MLS club already confirmed the exit of the US international. Although the Gunners can’t register him until July 1 and Turner will fly to England on June 27 completing his all other formalities.

“This is another step that was very necessary because it wasn’t only about where we are in the league table. We have much deeper issues than the club in the league table in my opinion that now have been resolved and look very, very strong. Now we have the real strong foundations now to build what we want to do.”

“We are going to have certain resources. Not unlimited resources, certain resources. With those resources, we have to do what we have to do in the best possible way. We don’t know what the rest are going to have in terms of resources, which I assume is going to be challenging because now it’s not a top-three, or top-four league, there’s a top eight, or 10 teams that are involved. That’s why we have to find a way to do again what we did last summer.”

On the other hand, Arsenal also agreed to a £3m transfer fee for Brazilian winger Marquinhos. Both Sao Paulo and Arsenal confirmed their respective exit and arrival via social media. But the 19-year-old is not the signing to strengthen the starting eleven.

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