Arsenal’s Left-Back Unlikely to Return in January Amid Left-Back Search

Kiren Tierney

Mikel Arteta‘s search for a new left-back at Arsenal is unlikely to include the return of Kieran Tierney this January. Sources have informed Football Insider that Arteta, aiming to strengthen the left side of his defense. Moreover, he doesn’t expect to recall Tierney from his season-long loan at Real Sociedad this month.

Injuries marred Tierney’s tenure at Arsenal, and the club is now reportedly looking for overseas options to enhance their squad. This move indicates Arteta’s concern about Tierney’s long-term fitness. Thus suggesting that the left-back’s future may lie away from Arsenal, either at Sociedad or another club

Arsenal’s Left-Back Dilemma

Mikel Arteta has focused on strengthening Arsenal’s defense, especially at left-back. Tierney’s loan to Real Sociedad aimed to provide him with consistent playtime to overcome injury issues. However, his absence has created a gap that Arsenal is keen to address.

Arsenal’s decision not to recall Kieran Tierney this month signals a pursuit of other left-back options. The position is crucial for Arteta’s tactics, and the club is actively scouting suitable candidates. Tierney’s injury history at Arsenal has influenced Arteta’s approach. Concerns about Tierney’s fitness have led Arsenal to consider different left-back options instead of relying on his return.

Sources close to Arsenal suggest that Tierney is likely to leave permanently. He will be either staying at Real Sociedad or transferring to another club. His future at Arsenal seems uncertain, with a return this month appearing unlikely.

Current Situation and Future of Tierney

At Real Sociedad, Tierney has made 12 appearances and contributed one assist across all competitions. Despite some promising displays, recurring injuries, including a hamstring issue in October, have continued to hinder him.

During his stint at Arsenal, Tierney played 124 games, scoring five goals and providing 14 assists. His talent as a left-back was evident, but ongoing fitness concerns have raised doubts about his long-term reliability. Tierney remains under contract with Arsenal until June 2026, offering some flexibility regarding his future. However, with Arteta’s focus on the left-back role, Tierney seems unlikely to feature in Arsenal’s immediate plans.

As Tierney’s loan at Real Sociedad continues, his future remains open. Arsenal’s ongoing search for a left-back might influence his fate. Tierney will aim to conquer his injury challenges and establish himself as a reliable player in the coming years.

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