Arteta lashes out at “Stop Abusing Referees” campaign

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta lashes out at “Stop Abusing Referees” campaign as the publication called out the Spaniard for his “shameful behaviour” this season.

Arteta was charged for his comments he made following Arsenal’s 1:0 defeat against Newcastle United earlier this month. Anthony Gordan’s goal in the second-half stirred lot of controversy, as the goal was allowed despite three seperate VAR checks.

In the post-match press-conference, Arteta openly criticised VAR’s decision to allow the goal. The Spanish described it as “embarrassing” and “an absolute disgrace”.

However, the Daily Mail started a “Stop Abusing Referees” campaign this week to support match officials. The campaign called out Arteta for his “shameful behaviour” against referees this season.

Arteta refuses to change his ways of conduct

Speaking in pre-match press-conference against Brentford this week, Mikel Arteta claims he’s seen the campaign and their criticism against him.

However despite their criticism, Arteta refuses to change his ways of conduct. He said :-

“I saw the article, I saw the campaign and I saw my picture but I took it as a compliment.

“Because I’ve been here 20 years and I have supported the league, the players, the referees and I have promoted the game always in the best possible manner.

“And I expect that if we want to continue to do that, you have to give your opinion you know?

“And I have given hundreds of opinions but if you want to isolate one moment to talk about something that I believe and use it in a different way, I don’t think that’s fair.

“We live the game you know with emotion and I react when a player scores a goal, yeah? I react when a player gives the ball away, yeah?

“I react to the physio when he wants to fly on the pitch to give treatment and I’m saying no! We are constantly reacting, this is the game. We live in a game that is passionate you know and we play to win and it has to happen and you have to react.

“If not, I sit down here in the theatre, be on mute and let’s see if this league and this game is that interesting. It won’t. That’s what makes it special, in a very respectful way? Yes, for sure.”

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