As an athlete, it is tough when the pain is not subsiding: Shreyas Iyer

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Indian middle order batter, Shreyas Iyer is ready to make his comeback in the Asia Cup 2023. The batter who last played a competitive game in March, shares details of his rehabilitation.

The 28 year-old looks back on his rehabilitation,

After joining Team India, Shreyas Iyer looks back at the painful rehabilitation. He emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and following the process. Although, he also shares light on the dark side of the injury.

Shreyas Iyer says,

See, for me, it is important to be in the present and do my routines right,”

I don’t want to think about what is going to happen beyond and what has happened in the past. I’m happy being where I am. I’m ticking all the boxes day by day. In terms of preparation, I had a fantastic two days of practice with the boys and also it was competitive. So happy to be here right now and embracing each and every moment,

Furthermore, the 28 year old batter shares light on the nature of his injury. Explaining the severe pain he experienced due to nerve compression caused by spinal slipped disc.

After consulting with physios and doctors, he underwent surgery in London in May and after that completing his rehabilitation in NCA. Recalling the difficult phase, Shreyas Iyer expressed his gratitude towards his family and friends.

As a professional athlete, it is tough when the pain is not subsiding. Thankfully I had a great set of friends around me and support staff and also my family,”

So they were the ones who calmed me down in this situation. I was panicking but patience is the key at this point of time especially. I’m truly happy to be where I am right now because I never imagined that I would recover so fast,” he said.

Shreyas Iyer crucial for India’s middle order wores,

Shreyas Iyer’s significance in middle order cannot be overlooked. He can be the answer, Team India is looking at number 4. With 805 runs in 20 innings at an impressive average of 47.35, Iyer’s track record speaks for itself. Iyer’s comeback would definitely bring much needed confidence boost ahead of the Asia Cup and World Cup.

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