As Arsenal re-evaluates its choices, Declan Rice is put under the spotlight


Arsenal player Declan Rice, despite his undeniable quality, is receiving criticism after the recent additions to the team’s unsatisfactory performance.

The Gunners made several “improvements” during the last summer window which have not resulted in any benefit to the roster. The most extreme example of these questionable additions is Kai Havertz, which may have done more harm than actual good.

While the player did appear in all four Premier League games, his presence did not make much of a difference. Financially, on the other hand, the 24-year old is, for the moment, a great hindrance to the club’s budget.

The player cost the club a very substantial £65 million, yet is merely an off the bench player with little contribution. Moreover, the player’s weekly fee alone is £280,000, which is too much for what the club is getting in return.

Why Declan Rice is criticized despite his use to Arsenal

The 82-year old Johnny Giles spoke recently in the Stand with Eamon Dunphy podcast about how he perceives Rice.

“Souness said there’s three things as a midfield player, positional sense, scoring goals and making goals. He’s only got one of them, which is covering the ground. What he does, he does very well, but I would expect more form him as a great player” Stated the former Leeds player.

The man made it very clear that he does enjoy the young player’s performance, but that it is not enough. He further clarified that the player must change and adapt in order to reach the top as a great midfielder.

However, there are plenty of real world examples that prove the young Englishman can still claim the title of greatness. Players that did so not by changing their ways, but by mastering what they know best and evolving their style.

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