As Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly acknowledges that he has already made two major errors

According to reports, Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has started to acknowledge that not everything about his tenure as Chelsea’s owner has been ideal.

The ownership acknowledges, per The Telegraph, that they might have acted prematurely in firing Graham Potter and Thomas Tuchel after the previous season.

Chelsea is having a rough time

Chelsea fans are starting to hear rumors about firing yet another manager. As their team faces yet another difficult season at Stamford Bridge.

The most recent setback occurred earlier this week. When Chelsea lost to Middlesbrough in the first leg of the EFL Cup semi-final.

Respectfully to their opponents, the Blues will undoubtedly believe that they shouldn’t have to stage an incredible comeback at home in two weeks in order to advance to the championship.

The club is eager to hold off on replacing the Argentine until he is given at least the rest of the season. As has been state in multiple reports. This viewpoint might result from the previous season. In which Chelsea s Premier League match was managed by four different coaches.

Tuchel’s tenure was limited to the initial weeks of Boehly’s rule. As there was evident dissatisfaction between the two.

Potter, his replacement, struggled to establish any momentum during his tenure at stamford bridge. Which ultimately resulted in his dismissal during his first season in charge.

It is understandable why Chelsea could feel that firing him was a mistake. Given that they haven’t really improved on what was going on while he was in charge.

Given what Tuchel accomplish while he was here. It’s easy to understand why some people might come to regret the choice they made about him.

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