Aston Martin 100th anniversary: Vettel drives the “green pea”

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For Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary of its first Grand Prix entry, the team returns to the 1920s.

At Silverstone, we saw Sebastian Vettel driving a 30-year-old Williams FW14B around the British Grand Prix circuit. If you thought that was old, then watch out for Vettel drives this weekend.

Vettel and Aston Martin hit Circuit Paul Ricard with TT1-nicknamed the ‘green pea’. It is the original car that raced a century ago at the 1922 French Grand Prix. It was one of the two Aston Martin entries for the race.

Aston Martin is the only team other than Mercedes whose grand Prix lineage stretches this further back in history.

This weekend to mark Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary, the team will race with the original Aston Martin logo from 1913 on the nose of its cars.

Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin and owner of the Aston Martin Formula One Team, said:

“Aston Martin benefits from the earliest Grand Prix history of any manufacturer currently racing in F1, and we are proud to celebrate that this weekend. 100 years on from making our debut at the French Grand Prix.”

Vettel on driving the historic car on Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary

Vettel felt deeply honored to get an opportunity to drive the historic car. The four-time world champion took the ‘green pea’ for a stroll alongside former F1 racer Johnny Herbert.

“Green Pea holds a very special place in Aston Martin’s heritage, and you can almost feel that century of history beneath your fingertips when at the wheel,”

said Vettel.

“The racing spirit and will to win is something that defines Aston Martin, and it’s fantastic to celebrate it this weekend as we bring Green Pea and our heritage in motorsport together with the cutting-edge technology and performance of today’s AMR22 car.”

Vettel was totally delighted by the experience. The German hasn’t quite stayed in his top form for a couple of years. However, the four-time world champion made clear that he would stay beyond the 2022 season.

“I think there is a clear intention to keep going and we’ll see soon where we stand,”

said Vettel.

The four-time world champion has only scored 15 points this season with P6 being his best result at Baku. Vettel stands P14 in the Championship standings.

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