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Aviator is a relatively new casino game that Mostbet is using, alongside many other gambling websites. It can be fit into many different categories – Mostbet put it into the ‘fast games’ genre, which are essentially arcades. Arcades, as a rule, don’t have much to do with the classic casino games, while still being a gambling product.

It was introduced by the Spribe game provider earlier in 2022, and Mostbet adopted the game fairly quickly. It is now featured as one of the special treats they have on offer – you can access it through the header menu at the top of any page. Its neighbors are big sections of the live casino, regular casino, and sports bets.

There is a lot of incentive to play the Mostbet Aviator. Firstly, it’s not a very risky option. Secondly, it’s simple and entertaining, which guarantees that users can spend a lot of time just clicking the same button over and over again. Granted, there isn’t much room for devising strategies, but that’s the way most casino games are.

Aviator Game Rules

The game is pretty simple, as mentioned. In fact, there are only two decisions you can make while playing it: stop or lose. If you lose at any moment while the game plays, you’ll win a sum proportionate to the current number on the screen. If you don’t, the game will eventually stop and you’ll lose.

But here’s how it works, step-by-step:

1. You place a bet before the game starts;

2. Once the game starts, the ‘plane’ will start flying and climbing up. Along with the plane, the multiplier on the screen will also climb, starting at 1x and ending at wherever;

3. The game will eventually stop when the plane ‘flies away’, but the time is always different, and you never know;

4. All bets are nullified when the game stops.

So, you can win an amount of money if you pull out before the plane flies away or you can wait too long and lose. Again, you never know when it’s about to leave, and there is absolutely no warning. It’s a pure game of chance, except, however, for the few first moments. It’s very unlikely, for instance, that it will stop at x1.1.

A curious feature about Mostbet Aviator is that you can see the progress of your peers. Other players that decided to join the fun will make bets of their own, suffer losses or claim wins. A lot of it will be featured in the log. There can be lots of players at the same time, which is why only the bigger events are typically shown.

Mostbet Website Registration

You’ll have to register on the website if you want to play Aviator. What’s more, you’ll need to register fully. There are ways to only register partially, which would mean limited access to the website’s functionality. With a limited account, you can play the demo version of the game, but not the game itself.

The limited account is the one you get by registering through the ‘one-click’ method. It’s the left-most method on the registration menu. Others include phone registration, email registration, and social media registration. Although all of them will provide some access to the platform, you’ll have to attach your email if you want to continue betting with real money.

These registration methods are quite simple, and you will only need to submit 1-2 pieces of information per each of these. This, however, is only needed to enter the website. The actual process of creating and activating one’s account can be divided into three steps:

Entering the platform – You can enter the platform by using your location, phone number, email or other social media accounts

Creating a username and a password – After entering through most of the methods described above, you’ll still be forced to create a username and a password for your account

Verifying the account – By ‘verifying’ Mostbet means submitting the identity proof that they would manually verify your account

The verification process can take some time, but it’s also necessary because you won’t be able to withdraw money without it. You will be able to deposit money after completing the second step, which means you’ll also be able to play Aviator, even if you won’t be able to withdraw said money.

How to Win in Aviator

To win in Mostbet Aviator, you’ll have to catch the plane before it flies away. For it, you might consider making small bets and pulling out early – typically between x1.1 and x.1.5. You can wait for longer, but it increases the risks. The plane can fly for much longer, but you can never know.

The better way to play Aviator is to just set some money aside specifically for this game and enjoy the process, but it’s entirely your decision to make.

How to Start Playing Mostbet Aviator

To start playing this game, you’ll need to register, make a deposit and access the game through the header menu. It’s a big right button with a plane on it, you can’t miss it. After that, you need to specify your bet with the dashboard beneath and wait until the game to start.

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