Axel Disasi Voices Concerns Over Missed Chances for Chelsea


Chelsea’s defensive stalwart, Axel Disasi, has brought attention to a pressing issue within the team. He highlighted the frustration stemming from missed scoring opportunities for Chelsea.

In a recent interview with the club’s official website, Disasi shed light on the disappointment resonating among players at Chelsea.

Chelsea’s struggle was evident in a recent 2-1 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers, as missed opportunities denied them a lead.

Raheem Sterling, notably, found himself at the center of missed chances, leaving fans and manager Mauricio Pochettino visibly exasperated.

During the Christmas Eve fixture, Chelsea earned the unwelcome distinction of recording the most significant missed chances in the league for the season, amplifying concerns about the team’s offensive efficiency.

Disasi on Chelsea’s attacking crisis

Disasi addressed the team’s offensive struggles, expressing his disappointment, stating. “When we see this statistic and our position in the table, it’s not good.

We have to be more killer in front of goal. We created many chances. But it’s not just about scoring; it’s also about conceding less and keeping clean sheets.”

The defender stressed the need for improvement in both scoring and defensive aspects of the game. Despite the challenges posed by a squad featuring several new players, Disasi emphasized that the requisite quality exists within the team, and players are continuously learning and evolving.

As Chelsea prepares for an upcoming fixture against Crystal Palace, the pressure is on to secure a victory that could alleviate the strain on manager Mauricio Pochettino.

However, the task becomes more daunting with Cole Palmer and Raheem Sterling unavailable due to suspensions resulting from accumulating too many yellow cards this season.

Disasi concluded on a hopeful note, stating. “The feeling now is bad because we didn’t succeed, but we have to stay together. We have to take a rest now because we have a lot of games coming.

The ensuing matches will serve as a critical litmus test for Chelsea, with the team’s ability to convert opportunities in front of goal likely playing a decisive role in determining their success in both domestic and potential European competitions.

In the quest to regain form, Blues eagerly anticipate signs of improvement that can propel the team back into success.

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