Banerjee revealed stunning introduction of Javagal Srinath to the Indian cricket team

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India has been a popular name in producing top notch spinners and batters. However, for the last few years, India was been harvesting troops fast bowlers. It thus adds extra advantages in the Test series n SENA counties. But before this modulation in Indian crickets, it was Javagal Srinath who revolutionized fast bowling in India. Former Indian pacer Subroto Banerjee narrated an interesting story on Srinath’s introduction in Indian cricket. He also revealed some hot and cold moment between Dilip Vengsarkar and Srinath, regarding a delivery.

Subroto Banerjee attended a you tube show of Epic Channel. There, in the ‘Mid Wicket Tales With Naseeruddin Shah’, Banerjee recalled that Bishan Singh Bedi asked newbie Srinath to bowl at the nets. Srinath then, was just a Mysore boy trying to make his name in the team. However, the net practice was preparation session ahead of the 1990 Test series against England.

Vengsarkar asked Srinath not to bowl bouncers: Banerjee

As per Banerjee revelations, Srinath’s first ball was a lethal bouncer. It hit straight to the handle of Vengsarkar’s bat. The bat flew off his grip, thus left Vengsarkar furious. After that, he told Srinath to bowl bouncers at the net. He took the advice and opted not to repeat it. Instead, Srinath bowled a toe-crushing yorker in the very next ball. Banerjee smiled as he memorize his playing days.

Banerjee was totally impressed by sterling speed of Srinath. He admitted the fact that it was something uncommon for any India fast bowler the. Banerjee recalled,

“Bedi chucked the ball to him. He said, “Are you going to bowl?” He said, “Yes sir”. That was the first time I ever saw a bowler bowl that quick in India. He bowled a bouncer. It came straight and hit the handle of Vengsarkar and the bat flew off. Vengsarkar was very annoyed because it was just net practice and he came a started bowling bouncers. He wasn’t prepared because the very first ball was a bouncer. Vengsarkar told him not to bowl bouncers. Second ball he bowled a straight yorker. And it went straight and crushed his toes.”

However, Srinath couldn’t manage a chance against England in that tour of 1990. But just after a year, he debuted against Pakistan in Sharjah, in an ODI. A month later he debuted in the Tests, at Brisbane. Eventually, Srinath played 67 Tests and took 236 wickets. He grabbed 315 wickets playing 229 ODI matches.

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